At Flight, we recognized a gaping hole in the massive consumer energy drink segment, i.e., a great-tasting, non-carbonated, energy tea drink. With sales of energy drinks multiplying exponentially yearly, and sales in the cold tea category significantly increasing as well, no one has yet melded the categories into an incredibly flavorful, non-carbonated, energy-infused tea drink…until now. Look for our iconic ‘Liquid Wings’ at your favorite retailer then join us in “taking off” in a burst of flavor, refreshment and energy.

As we love to say at Flight… "Don't miss your next Flight"!


All of the flavor and energy of our Peach Energy Iced tea… with none of the calories? Yes! Come experience the sensation of “Zero Gravity” – with all of the “buzz” and ZERO calories!


For a truly delightful, tropical treat - try our latest - Flight Mango Pineapple - now soaring at Zero Gravity to deliver all of the flavor and “buzz” you want, with absolutely zero calories!


We packed the pure flavor of Raspberry with the pure delight of zero calories in Flight Raspberry Zero Gravity – coming soon to a store near you. Enjoy it over ice, or experience it in our specially designed chilled can!

Growing up, Brian witnessed a summer tradition – his parents along with their friends drinking a refreshing glass of iced tea on hot summer days in Pittsburgh. After all, iced tea is an original, American classic so many of us loved growing up, and still love today. Twenty years later, Brian has created his own modern “classic” with a twist to address the fast paced world in which we live… where we all could use that extra boost to get us through our days and nights, without sacrificing the classic iced tea flavor we’ve loved since childhood.

Our ‘Flight Crew’ has created something truly special, by melding the “old and the new” in a remarkable drink versatile enough to be enjoyed over ice, in it’s chilled can, or even as a great cocktail mixer! We invite you to “take Flight” along with us, and experience the flavorful evolution of the energy drink,

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